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This is a guest post by Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour, a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with brands in the entertainment industries.

Collectively, Google and Facebook probably own more data on market supply and demand patterns than anyone else. What many people do not realize is that much of this data is publicly available. For a bit of fun I decided to see what patterns I could find about the music industry in Google and Facebook’s pool of user behavior data.


#1 Less people want to buy music, but the same amount are trying to sell it.

Surprisingly, the most shocking part of Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony wasn’t that musically talented artists such as Arcade Fire and Esperanza Spalding were given recognition over popular acts such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.  That should be expected from an awards show dedicated to honoring musical ability.

Instead, the most shocking part of the Grammy’s was the fact that so few people had actually heard of Arcade Fire, the recipient of the highest award– Album of the Year.

When Barbra Streisand opened the award envelope, she seemed as shocked as the numerous Bieber fans huddled over their Twitter accounts throughout the country.