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There are a bunch of great concerts taking place in the Los Angeles area this weekend.  Consult the list below for the best shows to attend.

Featured Show of the Weekend:

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and Lubriphonic @ The Mint in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, 10/8.  Doors open @ 9pm.

One of Los Angeles’s most historic night clubs will host two multiple-member soulful groups this Saturday, 10/8.  For a review of Lubriphonic’s 2010 album The Gig is Onclick here. The group is talented and experienced in a live setting so this should be an entertaining show.

Laura Meyer is one of the busiest independent artists out there. With a sweet sounding Folk-Rock style, she has played both the Telluride Bluegrass and Rocky Mountain Folks Festivals, and just recently settled down in Venice, California after four years of touring. Yes. I said four years. Learn more about Laura Meyer, who recently got a chance to chat with Yotam Rosenbaum of Earbits. Enjoy!

An Exclusive Interview with Laura Meyer (click here for the audio)

Yotam Rosenbaum: Hello, this is Yotam Rosenbaum with Earbits. And today with me is Laura Meyer, singer/songwriter, who has just settled down in Venice, California, after, I believe, four years on the road, which is pretty amazing. How are you doing?

Here are some of the best shows happening in the Los Angeles area this weekend.

Thursday 8/25:


Friday 8/26: