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At some point, somewhere, someone went through every Nicolas Cage movie and edited together only the parts where he was screaming. At another point, someone else went through every Aaron Sorkin film and TV show and edited together tons of similar phrases. Sometimes, from a massive library of work, we only want certain parts.  The internet can make that happen.

If you’ve always wanted an album that combines every time Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes have appeared on a song together as well as new material from the two hip-hop legends, then you have both strange desires and good taste, and that material has arrived in the form of a free, downloadable .zip file.

A great infographic was just put out by our friends at Music Production Schools. Ringtones are still blowing up your phone, and pulling down more money than several of the top music companies combined.  Check it out.

Created by: Music Production Schools

Throughout his multi-decade career, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has managed to remain one of those rare enigmatic rock stars, a man whose personal life is mysterious, intriguing, and often-shifting.  At one point in his life he took a vow of celibacy, and at another point in his life he recorded a song called “Can’t Stop Partying” with Lil’ Wayne.  At times it’s tough to figure out what’s going on in Cuomo’s head.

Plenty of albums coming out this Tuesday…

David Guetta— Nothing But The Beat

House producer David Guetta may be the man behind nothing but the beat, but guest verses from rappers like Nicki Minaj, will.i.am, Lil’ Wayne and more will make this an album filled with club and radio-ready songs.

Cobra Starship— Night Shades

Night Shades is the fourth album Cobra Starship, released through the Decaydance label.  Expect pop/dance radio hits.

Cymbals Eat Guitars— Lenses Alien

Here are some of the best shows happening in the Los Angeles area this weekend.

Thursday 8/25:


Friday 8/26:

Too much time spent in Southern California left me ill prepared for the crowd that relentlessly pushed, shoved and drunkenly stumbled their way through a long, snaking line outside the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, IN on Sunday evening.  Those rambunctious people had assembled for one of Lil Wayne’s Midwestern stops on his wide-reaching I Am Still Music Tour, but they might as well have been gathering for the world’s largest convention of black and mild smokers.  My family had argued that Eminem’s audience at Lollapalooza last weekend was trashy, but Wayne’s crowd made Eminem’s show look like a Wiggles concert.  My initial, skeptical judgement was ultimately proved wrong, however, after only one fight broke out in the stands and the crowd managed to remain respectful during a moment of silence for those affected by the tragic stage accident that occurred the previous day at the Indiana State Fair.

“Sorry 4 The Wait” is a phrase fans of Lil’ Wayne, a man notorious for delaying projects, have been wanting to hear for a while, now.  That exact phrase (purposeful abbreviated spelling and all) is the fitting title for the recently liberated MC’s latest mixtape, released for free today in acknowledgement of the unappreciated batch of delays with his highly anticipated studio album Tha Carter 4.

  In today’s internet-feuled, mixtape-dominated hip hop world, it’s tough to stay relevant.  That’s why Lil Wayne is almost constantly in the recording booth and Wale promotes himself as taking “no days off.”  That sort of dedication is necessary in order to keep fans interested while they’re being pummeled with free mixtapes from both established and aspiring MCs every day.

 One of my favorite rappers from the mixtape circuit is Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs– the so-called savior of gangsta rap that recently signed to Young Jeezy’s CTE label.  Although he’s yet to release an official debut full length album, his buzz is big enough that it’ll probably sell fairly well when it does drop.

A few years ago Kanye West made headlines for delaying his Bonnaroo performance until 4am.  Apparently it was still a great set, but hopefully Eminem and Lil’ Wayne wont take a repeat course this year.  If you’re attending the festival and do happen to wake up with the Tennessee sun, here are some lesser known bands that you should check out.  Because of Bonnaroo’s unique scheduling set-up not all of these bands are in the early morning time slots, but they are located near the bottom of the festival bill.

River City Extension

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people dismiss Lil’ Wayne as a “dumb rapper.”  Although his songs may not all be socially conscious (some are), introspective (some are), or emotional (again, some are), almost all of them are intelligent.  Not necessarily intelligent in a book-smart sense, but intelligent nonetheless.

If you truly listen to some Weezy songs a few times through, you’ll start to hear the near mastery of language he possesses.  Many of his references, puns and displays of wordplay are subtle yet incredibly witty.  I’m not necessarily claiming Weezy to be a poetic genius, but he’s definitely not a “dumb rapper.”  Listen closely to the lyrics on mixtapes like Da Drought 3 if you’re still skeptical.