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Earlier this year, I saw the newest crowdfunding platform, CrowdTilt, pitch at YC Alumni Demo Day.  Their unique angle was that they help you raise money among friends or groups for anything.  Want to rent a row of cabins for snowboarding?  Setup a page, see if you hit the goal among your friends.  If you don’t, nobody pays.  They don’t have the “project” or product restrictions that Kickstarter has, and that was cool to me.

I remember thinking that I wanted to use CrowdTilt to put on some no-risk events, like a booze cruise or weekend in Vegas with my friends.  But alas, inspiration never hit me, until…

Alright, I’ll come out and say it, and please don’t hate me, but when it comes to hard rock, my bar for female vocalists is set pretty fucking high.  It’s a rare lady who can bring the sort of angst I crave to progressive rock and other hard genres, and that’s why last night’s Good Hurt show with Lucid Fly, featuring Nikki Layne on the steel, was light years beyond a pleasant surprise.

Simply put, Lucid Fly is the real deal. Their music, combined with their extreme professionalism and drive, is going to take them places that most bands only dream of.

by Daphne Melvin

The Mars Volta‘s latest album, Noctourniquet, takes a different musical direction than what their fans may be used to.  It’s not as psychedelic, in fact at times it is a lot simpler and cleaner than the electric whirlwind of sound that it usually is, e.g. “Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound.” Of course, every song can be guaranteed to have one essential Mars Volta ingredient: Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s amazing voice.

“Aegis” and “Molochwalker” stays true to their original sound; heavy guitars and chaotic, psychedelic keyboard melodies with a complicated yet rhythmic drum beat.


by Daphne Melvin

After seeing Foxy Shazam’s music video for “I Like It” off their latest album, The Church of Rock and Roll, I just haven’t been able to get them off my mind, particularly lead singer Eric Sean Nally. He has a voice reminiscent of Freddie Mercury and all the charisma of a rock and roll God. He’s everything rock and roll should be, and he’s every reason why we fell in love with rock music in the 60s. I’m not sure how this band has been able to stay under my radar, because they’ve been around since the early 2000’s and have definitely been noticed by SPIN magazine, Alternative Press, and have been touring with bands like the Strokes and Hole.

Really Unofficial Guide to SXSW

Earbits is very happy to announce our streaming music ‘Really Unofficial Guide to SXSW’!

We are sure that you’re familiar with South By Southwest – one of the most infamous music conferences in the world, held annually in Austin, Texas. With live music all day, every day in dozens of venues throughout the city, SXSW is a dream destination for any music fan. But it can also turn into a line-standing, door-begging disaster quite quickly if you don’t plan ahead.

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The Recipe for a great music showcase is simple: first you take a great band, with original tunes, and the chops to play the shit out of ‘em; add a really dope venue, packed with equal parts eastside hipsters and industry decision makers, stir with a generous helping of cheap drinks, and voila!  So it’s no surprise that Civil Twilight’s coming out party last night @ the Bootleg was such a big success!

Most artists struggle to master one genre.  Since the late 1960s, Steve Gadd’s been consistently tackling them all.  Gadd is a professional drummer, perhaps one of the world’s most well-renowned players of the instrument.  He’s appeared on albums with Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney Kate Bush and hundreds of other popular and critically-acclaimed artists of various styles and ages.

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Indie Blues Soul Pop Music with Brilliant Twinges of Folk & Americana is Alive and Well in Hollywood

by Scott Feldman, Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I had the distinct pleasure of catching Doran Danoff and his very large and talented band at Hotel Café in Los Angeles last Saturday night.  It was the last show of a month long residency, and I’m sincerely grateful that I got the chance to see them.  First off, homeboy can play the freakin’ piano, and the dudes that play a smattering of instruments behind him (including bass/drums/guitar/3 piece horn section/sometimes ukulele) have no problem keeping up.

Here’s your weekly list of the best concerts happening around the Los Angeles area..

Featured Show Of The Week:

  • 11/18:  Rebelution @ Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, CA.  10:00pm.  Listen>>

Hollywood Park is typically known for its casino and the gambling that takes place on the race track, but it’s also a great place to watch an outdoor live concert.  This Friday, November 18th, Santa Barbara reggae outfit Rebelution will preform on the track immediately following the night’s races.  Although it’s been cold in Los Angeles, Rebelution’ll make it feel like summertime.

I [email protected]’ Loved This Show  

by Scott Feldman,  Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I fuckin’ loved this show.

I was fortunate enough to catch the first stop on Mastodon’s headlining tour of the US last night at the Wiltern.  This tour is in support of their latest release, The Hunter, which is a 15-song masterpiece out on Reprise and in my opinion the best we’ve heard from them in years.  Mastodon did what was to be expected; played a tight, loud, heavy, unrelenting hour-long set to a packed and enthusiastic crowd.  Aside from watching a band like Mastodon, where it belongs, headlining a great venue, this is one of the most exciting hard rock/metal tours of the year, because of the incredible lineup that supports Mastodon.