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Four Tet and Burial, the good guys of the underground UK electronic music scene, are finally having their moment.  A Four Tet show at Los Angeles venue the Echoplex scheduled for March sold out so quickly that promoters FYF added another night.  Both make dark, scathing intricately produced music, both have become hugely popular for it, and both still act like regular dudes.  Burial’s Wikipedia page describes an interview where he said “I’m a lowkey person and I just want to make some tunes.”

The lineup for Hard Summer 2013, the two-day annual event which closes the summer in Downtown Los Angeles’s too-dusty State Historic Park, has been announced.  Hard Summer usually features an eclectic mix of DJs and rappers, as opposed to the more house-oriented events like Hard Haunted Mansion (or Hard Day of the Dead, as it was called last year).

by Charles Rojas | Metal/Hard Rock Manager, Earbits.com

Nowadays, you’ll find most Hard Rock bands trying to outdo one another by playing the same guitar riffs louder than each other. It’s an endless sea of Rock n Roll cliches and a lack of originality. Amazingly, Los Angeles natives Rooftop Revolutionaries have managed to rise above the noise and pose a unique brand of sound. 2013 is seeing the release of their new album, Resolute.

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The “Intro” to Background Music, L.A. hip-hop duo Substance Abuse’s second album, begins with an trippy mashup of soundclips that includes quips like “Substance Abuse presents problems without presenting solutions,” “they team up with other MCs,” and “they sound like 1998.” These clips, although smashed together quickly and barely coherent,accomplish the same thing B. Rabbit did in 8 Mile’s final battle scene— they bring forth potential flaws before critics have a chance to mention them.

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Occasionally two minds meet somewhere in the middle, and as a result, beautiful music is made. Pink Thunder is just that.

Based out of Los Angeles, Pink Thunder consists of songwriting partners Diana Meyer & Kyle Puccia. They have already been featured on television – both Pretty Little Liars and Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood have used their music. Together as Pink Thunder, Kyle and Diana have just released an EP, “Love Letters”, that is doing very well – and we have it on Earbits! (Grab it on iTunes)

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Titus Andronicus has achieved a level of fame in both the indie and punk world that’s resulted in nation-wide recognizability.  The band is, at this point, a relatively big-name act in the indie scene.

Refused hails from Sweden yet frontman Dennis Lyxzén is a global force.  He’s used his international exposure with Refused and the several other bands of which he’s a member to spout political opinions that pertain to the world in general (Pussy Riot’s imprisonment being the latest issue on which he’s outspoken).  He can do this all in incredibly articulate English, which is not his native tongue.

Man in the Mirror

Fear not – this post has nothing to do with Michael Jackson – although, now that we’re here, I will say that the outro of that song is WAAY too long.


The heading of todays post is a suggestion – a little tid bit of advice that I once got many years before I was ready to take it.

“Eleanor – can you actually hear yourself?”

“No, I don’t like listening to myself.”

Eeeee – wrong response!

What if you walked in on a painter, tripped over their easel in the pitch black of a dark room.

This is part of our ongoing series about getting your music on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried to get FM radio airplay, check out our list of related articles.  To get on the radio, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

What is your band name?


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Tell us about your band.

Fans of electronic music and the slew of events that the organizers behind HARD put on in various cities throughout the United States have been asking the above question for a while now, as Hard Summer is one of the company’s premier shows.

The answer to that question arrived today, and the lineup is quite impressive (although probably not surprising to regular Hard-attendees).

Topping the bill is Skrillex, which, of course, is one of those unsurprising choices.  Also at the top of the official flyer is Bloc Party, a group that’s been combining dance rhythms with indie rock aestheticism for a while now.