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When a simple site or portion of an existing site releases something that provides mindless, addicting entertainment, the internet finds out about it quickly.  Today, Drinkify spread around internet news sites rapidly for that exact reason.

The site provides a simple service.  Type in any band or musician name, and it generates a cocktail that fits the sound and style of that artist.  It also offers a serving suggestion, a few pictures of the band/musician, and one song by the group.

There are a bunch of great concerts taking place in the Los Angeles area this weekend.  Consult the list below for the best shows to attend.

Featured Show of the Weekend:

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and Lubriphonic @ The Mint in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, 10/8.  Doors open @ 9pm.

One of Los Angeles’s most historic night clubs will host two multiple-member soulful groups this Saturday, 10/8.  For a review of Lubriphonic’s 2010 album The Gig is Onclick here. The group is talented and experienced in a live setting so this should be an entertaining show.

Lubriphonic is a 7-piece musical juggernaut hailing from the bluesy underbelly of the Chicago nightlife. Seemlessly fusing Funk, Soul, and good ol’ Rock ‘n Roll, the boys from Lubriphonic aren’t all flash – they’re one of the hardest working bands in the business! Often touring the nation more than 220 days a year, Lubriphonic has one self-appointed duty for all of their shows: to whip the crowd into a funk-fueled frenzy that doesn’t stop until last call.

Scott Feldman got a chance to chat with Lubriphonic front-man and guitarist, Giles Corey. Enjoy the interview! LISTEN to “Mixin’ In the Kitchen (Live)”, from their album, Soul-Solution!

Extended drum solos are usually saved for late in a band’s set, but Lubriphonic doesn’t play by the rules.  “Rhino,” the opening track to the group’s 2010 album The Gig Is On begins with a rapid-fire 30 second drum solo before loud horns and ultra-fast funky guitar kick in.  Just about all of the group’s skills are jam-packed into that 4-minute opening song, soulful, James Brown-esque vocals and a soaring guitar solo included.  The group doesn’t waste any time displaying a wide range of style and skill.  And once you hear what the group can do, you don’t want to stop listening.

Well, Happy Anniversary, Earbits.  You’re lookin’ good, kid.

A year ago today we launched the real Earbits website; before that it was just a blog.  Everyone said we wouldn’t be able to get content without an audience, and vice versa.  But a year ago today we entered the scene with 8 sexy channels of music – no hip hop, no electronic, no pop, no metal, and no audience.  8 little channels, and an announcement to friends and family.

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