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The Sunset Strip is synonymous with the sort of debauchery practiced by hair metal bands and fans alike throughout the 80s.  Although that wild spirit has significantly diminished on the street throughout the years, most of the iconic Sunset Strip clubs are still around and prominent today.  As a way to honor the Strip’s history and further its sense of community, six of the street’s famous music venues team up each year for the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Axl RoseTen years ago, a friend and I moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento.  We came down one weekend for a TOOL concert at The Palladium and had such a blast that, within 2 weeks, I left my hometown and made Los Angeles my new home.

People ask why I moved.  Was it the map of the stars that we followed to the Playboy Mansion?  Was it Hollywood and Highland with it’s gold star sidewalks telling tales of fame and stardom?  Maybe it was the Rock Walk at the Guitar Center, where many a famous rockstar have left hand prints behind for aspiring musicians to measure up to.  Maybe it was just the glow from seeing my favorite band perform in a big, fun city.