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Songwriting is more than a melody. It’s more than a few chords and words. Songwriting is more than stories about losing and finding love, and it’s more than whatever gets you through the night. Songs are the catalyst that have brought people together across the globe for generations. Songs and those who craft them are meant to ignore, cross and obliterate barriers – bridging the gaps we’ve created over the centuries: race…religion…language…nationality…

Occasionally two minds meet somewhere in the middle, and as a result, beautiful music is made. Pink Thunder is just that.

Based out of Los Angeles, Pink Thunder consists of songwriting partners Diana Meyer & Kyle Puccia. They have already been featured on television – both Pretty Little Liars and Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood have used their music. Together as Pink Thunder, Kyle and Diana have just released an EP, “Love Letters”, that is doing very well – and we have it on Earbits! (Grab it on iTunes)

Listen to “Time Machine” on Earbits Radio

by Kelland Drumgoole

Kelland Drumgoole is the Editor and CEO of SoSoActive.com, the web’s 1st social music news site. SoSoActive.com covers the latest happenings in the social music revolution, music disruption and start-ups in the digital music space.

So, you wanna be famous rock star, huh? Maybe you just want to play in a successful independent band and have a career that pays your rent and covers the monthly cost of that $30,000 student loan. Well, one of the the best arts that you can master in life is the art of “Ear Hustling.”

Since the inception of Earbits, our goal was always to not only build an awesome online radio experience, but to build a service that helps high quality artists develop their career.  We are working hard to create new opportunities for the artists we work with.  From licensing opportunities for TV, film, and commercials, to booking live shows, and now we are pleased to announce our new initiative with Spectra Records in their search for new talent.


How Does It Work?

A year and a half ago I wrote a review about Taxi.  To those of you who are not familiar with the service, Taxi is an online A&R service, trying to connect artists with licensing and publishing opportunities.  I often get emails from readers who respond to my blog post, asking for advice regarding music licensing.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the field.  However, before I co-founded Earbits I spent 5 years as a composer / producer, and successfully supported myself.  During this period I learned a few things about the industry and I’d love to share my insights with you.

Licensing music for TV, film and commercials is a great way to earn money and get your music exposed to the masses.  There are plenty of success stories of bands who gained huge popularity because of a song placement.  It is no surprise most bands are eager these days to get their music licensed.

It’s a Crap Shoot

There are a few key elements which differentiate Earbits from other online radio platforms.  No ads and commercials, allowing the listeners to skip as much as they like, displaying large photos of the bands and their upcoming shows; these are a few of the things our listeners notice when they land on our site.  But Earbits has another facet, which is the service we provide to our artist and label partners.  Behind the scenes, Earbits is doing a lot of work to provide extra value for our partners.

Licensing Opportunities

So many people dream of being a rock star, touring the world, selling out shows, making music, and making loads of money.  But the percentage of musicians who get to fulfill this dream is tiny.  For most musicians, including super talented ones, the reality is different.  They often support themselves by juggling many different gigs, all related to music, but not necessarily to live performances.  Here is a rundown of some revenue streams open to musicians.

Live Shows and Touring

Growing up in Israel, my image of Los Angeles was a huge city, celebrities, traffic jams, gangs, glamor, and endless opportunities.  Now, as a 6-year resident of the city, I have a much clearer image of it.  In many ways I find it a lot more welcoming than expected.  One thing I now know for sure is that as a musician, Los Angeles is a great place to be.

The Move

Honestly, if you follow digital music at all, you’ve been hearing about the impending emergence of Spotify on US soil since 1843.  At this point, you may mistakenly hear Sarah Palin say that Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride was to warn US music companies of Spotify’s arrival.  (Seriously, is it that different than what she really said?)

For the last week we’ve been hearing that not only have they closed deals with 3 of the 4 major labels, but “at least one Spotify executive claims Warner Music Group is in the bag,” as reported by Digital Music News.