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Well, Happy Anniversary, Earbits.  You’re lookin’ good, kid.

A year ago today we launched the real Earbits website; before that it was just a blog.  Everyone said we wouldn’t be able to get content without an audience, and vice versa.  But a year ago today we entered the scene with 8 sexy channels of music – no hip hop, no electronic, no pop, no metal, and no audience.  8 little channels, and an announcement to friends and family.

Funky Like an Old Batch of Collard Greens

Since founding Earbits last January, we’ve run into a lot of people who, when we tell them we’re doing a music startup, ask us if we’ve seen “the Dalton Caldwell video“.  The Startup School presentation is basically a half hour of reasons why a lot of music startups fail, based on Caldwell’s knowledge of the space and his personal experience at imeem.

But what it seems like people are really saying is, “You know what you’re trying to do is impossible, right?  (An expert said so.)”  It’s like they want to make sure we know that we can’t succeed.

Whether you are starting a start-up company, a band, or a sports team, choosing the right co-founders might be one of the most critical decisions in the life of your organization.  I’ve never been married, but by now I’m pretty sure I know how it would feel.  Here are 5 things one should consider before entering a partnership.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but any kind of partnership requires a lot of communication.  I feel like it’s always better to over communicate than under communicate.  Who is in charge of what? Did we hear back from X? Are you taking time off next week?  Less assumptions and more communication can prevent a ton of misunderstandings.

Derek Sivers - Founder of CD Baby

Derek Sivers - Founder of CD Baby

A few years ago I went to a talk with Derek Sivers, the founder and former CEO of CD Baby.  Derek talked mostly about how CD Baby evolved to what it is today – the largest online store for independent music.