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Let’s face it, the best way to promote music is to get it into rotation on the radio.  I can write thousands of words describing how wonderful my music is, and how much you’ll love it.  But it will take only two seconds for you to listen to it and decide if you like it or not.  That is the power of radio.


It’s Not That Easy

The only problem is that getting music into rotation on terrestrial radio is not an easy task, to say the least.  If you are an independent artist/band with no label support and no substantial marketing budget your odds of getting significant airtime on terrestrial radio are close to nil.

I sat on a panel last year at a SESAC conference where we were tasked with talking to songwriters and performers about getting on the radio.  The other people on the panel were radio station programming directors, radio promoters, and other experts in the terrestrial radio business.

I could almost not be any less qualified to talk about how to get your music on FM radio.  My own music has never been played on the radio.  Most people I know whose music has received airplay got there by accident.  And plenty of people I know with phenomenal music have not had it played on the radio, which is why I started a radio company that would play anybody and everybody whose music is good enough.  But despite knowing almost nothing about the regular radio, they invited me to this panel.

Earlier this week Michael Epstein posted his article on the Music Think Tank website, We do need curators, but we don’t need gatekeepers or why you should stop using Pandora.  To summarize his article, Pandora allegedly controls now 3.6% of all radio listening.  With more people shifting to online radio we can expect this number to grow.  Michael submitted 5 of his albums to be considered for airtime on Pandora, but only one of them was accepted.  He was upset by the fact that a single person listened to his music and decided it’s not good enough to be on rotation.  In other words, a single Pandora’s employee decided that Pandora’s 100+ million listeners are not likely to enjoy Michael’s music.

Axl RoseTen years ago, a friend and I moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento.  We came down one weekend for a TOOL concert at The Palladium and had such a blast that, within 2 weeks, I left my hometown and made Los Angeles my new home.

People ask why I moved.  Was it the map of the stars that we followed to the Playboy Mansion?  Was it Hollywood and Highland with it’s gold star sidewalks telling tales of fame and stardom?  Maybe it was the Rock Walk at the Guitar Center, where many a famous rockstar have left hand prints behind for aspiring musicians to measure up to.  Maybe it was just the glow from seeing my favorite band perform in a big, fun city.