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by Tyler Hayes

Should your band have a presence on Twitter?

Should your band have a presence on Twitter? Yup, absolutely. But possibly even more important is being able to find, on Twitter, who’s talking about your band. When you can see what people are saying and in what context they’re mentioning you, it makes it a lot easier to engage those people possibly turning them into fans.

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by Tyler Hayes

Everyday there’s a new service, a new site, something remixing two different things to be the thing of a different thing. What is Instagram? It’s the Twitter of pictures. What is Hulu? It’s the Netflix of TV. You get the idea. Everyday there’s a new music service that threatens to be the savior of the industry. The service that, with just enough users, could change everything. Too often though, promises are made only to be broken later. So, which music service are worth getting excited about, which ones may actually change things? The results may surprise you.

by Tyler Hayes
Peg.gd Could be your band’s new best friend.

Peg.gd probably isn’t the place to park your band’s whole online identity, but it’s a resource you should know about. Peggd is a simple, seriously dead simple, way to create a webpage and get content online in literally seconds.

No sign ups, you’re immediately entering the site’s info when you arrive. First you enter a title with 3 choices of fonts. You then enter a body of text (or html) and you’re done. You can make a password to edit the page later or not, but then the site is live for everyone to see. Built in at the top once you publish is an easy way for you or your fans to share the page with Twitter, Facebook, Email or Reddit.