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Eso Tre is one-half of the Hip Hop powerhouse, Substance Abuse. Listen to them on Earbits!

Forgive me for the late review of the most recent album from Nas, but being the 47 percenter I am I rarely have the funds (or impetus) to buy hip hop CDs.  But since I’m always intrigued when I hear the Illmatic mc has a new release, I decided it was time to see what all the hubbub surrounding the deeply personal “Life is Good” was all about.  And luckily for this long time fan of the rapper, I was not disappointed.

At this point it’s safe to assume that we pretty much know what an album’s gonna sound like if Rick Ross is on the cover.  We may not know what bizarre boast is going to slip out of that rarely-closed area between beard and mustache at any given moment, but it’s more than likely going to be some sort of bizarre boast.

Although Officer Ricky has undergone a noticeable evolution throughout his past four albums it’s been minimal; especially when you consider a guitar-wielding Weezy and a Bruno Mars-collaborating Eminem are actual things that happened in hip-hop.

I have no idea what to expect from hip-hop anymore.  Today I came across this video (via passionweiss):

It consists of a guy wearing Black Flag and Bad Brains t-shirts along with various snap backs and big watches while rapping lines like “Think like George Carlin / Dress like Carlton” through a haunting vocal filter over hazy, atmospheric beats.  He also refers to himself as a “Young Henry Rollins” at one point.

Exactly one week from now, the country’s best hip-hop festival will begin in San Bernardino, CA.  The lineup includes Ms. Lauryn Hill (pictured above from a previous festival), Nas, Erykah Badu as headliners as well as many prominent hip-hop acts and several members of the Wu-Tang Clan.  There’s actually no performer on the list that wouldn’t be worth seeing at the festival.  However, here are some sets that you just shouldn’t miss if you’ll be in San Bernardino next Saturday.


The wait is finally over.  After months of unofficial rumors and a week of official clues, the 20th anniversary Lollapalooza lineup has finally been revealed.

The result is impressive, almost overwhelmingly so.  As rumored, Eminem, Foo Fighters and Muse will headline the festival, and the fourth slot on the top of the festival flyer has been filled by Coldplay.  Some speculated that the group might be the mysterious 4th headlining act, but the choice is an otherwise surprise pick.

Lollapalooza has teamed up with addicting social trivia web & phone application Qrank in order to drop hints about its 20th anniversary lineup.  The game is available on both Facebook and the Qrank mobile apps, and it features questions about Lollapalooza history.  After some questions, a riddle pops up with a clue about an artist playing the festival.  This is a smart, unique and entertaining marketing strategy, similar to the “Wheel of Fortune” style lineup announcement that the festival used last year.