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Today I was listening to Earbits’ “Indie Folk” station when an artist called Nikki Lane came on.  I wasn’t aware that Lane was one of our artists, but I was immediately blown away.  The song that played was called “Gone Gone Gone,” and it’s an old-timey country/Americana song with a modern twist.

A recent blog post on the Wall Street Journal’s website detailed Nashville’s new plan to completely reinvent their music education program in all 144 of the city’s public schools— adding country, rock and rap courses to the curriculum.  Songwriting and DJ-ing classes (among others) will be offered in conjunction with more traditional courses.

Nashville has long been an epicenter of music in general, but it hasn’t necessarily been a location dedicated to musical progression.  While it has a thriving music scene, the city still prides itself on its old-timey roots.  Needless to say, the current crop of bleepy-bloopy electronica didn’t get its start in Tennessee.

It’s funny how much you update people about your company before you launch, but after you launch, you’re too busy to keep people abreast of all of the great things you’re doing.  Well, we have been kicking ass and taking names on the down low, and now we’re ready to get everybody up to speed.

Earbits.com Now Has 18 Channels of Badass Music

As of this morning, we now have 18 channels of fantastic music for you to discover.  When you’re done reading this amazing blog post (note: sarcasm), you can head over and listen to: