Deer Tick’s new album is called Negativity.  The title purportedly pertains to the band’s new sound, which will be considerably darker than previous albums.  Judging by the new single, “The Dream’s In The Ditch,” that’s somewhat accurate.  It still sounds like Deer Tick, though.

Ian and John, two members representing the four-piece band, recently performed “The Dream’s In The Ditch” backstage at the Newport Folk Festival.  As Rhode Island natives, Deer Tick have been at the forefront of the annual folk festival.  Since it’s been held for over fifty years, though, I hesitate to call them the leaders of the event.  That designation probably belongs to someone like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez.  But they have ruled the roost as of late, performing sold-out after-parties and putting on raucous performances at the festival itself.