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Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp’s band The Rentals has found a new home at Polyvinyl Records, one of the many awesome record labels you can find on Earbits Radio. As a result of the new pairing, Polyvinyl and The Rentals are scheduled to release a new album sometime during 2014. This marks the group’s first album in 15 years.

Sharp was one of the founding members of Weezer, and his influence over that group’s sound is evident in the style played by The Rentals. It’s infectious power-pop fun undermined by a sense of darkness and seriousness. Lots of catchy ooh ooh’s and big, arena-style power chords. It’s a shame that the band didn’t produce more work and follow Weezer along its evolutionary path.

In certain circles, Five Iron Frenzy is the biggest band on earth.  The group played Christian ska music from 1995, the height of the third wave ska era, until 2003, when they performed what was to be their final show in a sold-out Denver arena.

Of course, a band that specific has to reunite at some point.  There aren’t many bands filling the void in the Christian ska punk genre, or at least not any that are as good as Five Iron.

Barons of Hiddenhausen, is a mysterious and hidden secret, with it’s origins in Vienna.  Although the project sounds like a full-fledged band, the mastermind behind the project is one person: Moritz Kofler.  Kofler is no stranger to the genre – after he recorded “World Withdrawal,”  he collaborated with Digital Noise Academy in L.A., a project by Ken Andrews (Failure, Beck, A.P.C. NIN), Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star, Courtney Love, Melissa Auf Der Maur) and others. That experience shows in this record.

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Four Tet, the mad scientist of bedroom beats, is currently streaming his new album Beautiful Rewind in its entirety.  The artist — government name Kieran Hebden — tweeted a link to a SoundCloud stream of the project earlier today.

*If you like what you hear, check out Earbits Radio’s Deep House channel for more great electronic tunes.*

Although the artist has amassed a large following, especially during electronic music’s recent rise in popularity of the deep house genre, Four Tet claimed that he’d keep the hype surrounding the project minimal.

In a series of tweets a few months ago, Hebden tweeted the following:

It’s been a while since rock music has sounded the way Stars In Stereo plays it.  The group approaches its songs with a firm grasp on gritty rock instincts as well as a innate understanding of clean pop sensibilities.  The main attribute of Stars In Stereo, the band’s recently released self-titled album, is that its particular style is difficult to pin down.  It’s not totally heavy and not totally soft, but more a combination of the two than some strange middle-ground.

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Touché Amoré’s third full-length Is Survived By officially comes out on September 24th via Deathwish Inc., but it’s streaming now via Pitchfork Advance.  This album is the follow-up to the band’s strong debut …to the beat of a dead horse and the improved sophomore LP Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me.  I’d argue that those albums, as well as Touché Amoré in general, are responsible for the creative revitalization of what folks would’ve called “screamo” ten years ago.  That designation means, essentially, screamed, emotional lyrics combined with melodic hardcore punk music.

Rabbit & The Hare is proof that good things can happen on Craigslist.  The band formed after singer/songwriter Neill MacCallum posted an ad in NYC’s section of the website in search of a “female multi-instrumentalist.”  Marisa Duchowny, a person that happens to fit both of those requirements, also happened to read and respond to that post.  Just like that, with the strange power of the internet, a duo was born.  Marisa became the Rabbit, Neill the Hare.

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In a post on Touché Amore’s website, the Southern California hardcore band wrote: “We entered the studio this week with producer Brad Wood (Sunny Day Real Estate, mewithoutYou, Smashing Pumpkins) to record our third album.”

If there’s anyone that can make Touché Amore’s already-tight sound more fully-formed, Wood sounds like the guy, at least based on his credentials.  The band also posted a video teaser for the album, which documents the group in the studio.  With a 1:18 runtime, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the video is one of the band’s new songs.  Many of their previously-released tracks hover somewhere around that brief runtime.

“It all goes back to that John Lee Hooker session,” enthused Ben Harper. “Even John Lee mentioned it, saying: ‘yeah, yeah, you guys… that’s good. Yeah, yeah. You should stay with that. Do that.’”

And the rest is history.

Listen to Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite on Earbits

Ben Harper has teamed up with world renowned harmonica player and blues-man, Charlie Musselwhite, for one of the most interesting collaborations to come along in sometime. And, we have the album, Get Up!, on Earbits!

The National’s forthcoming album Trouble Will Find Me has one of the coolest covers I’ve seen in this era in which covers don’t necessarily matter as much.  When I first saw the image, I wondered how the idea was conceived.  I still don’t really know, but the band’s latest video hints that a talented artist is at least somewhat behind the concept.