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The Real Nasty is one of the best band names I’ve heard since I saw a guy at FYF Fest wearing a shirt for what I assumed to be a band called The Brutal Poops (still unsuccessful in my attempt to find any info about that band anywhere, if it is indeed a band and not just a weird shirt).  The music that The Real Nasty plays is, however, not too nasty.  In fact, by comparison to bands of a similar style, it’s quite clean.

“There are two kinds of people in this world:
those who love Diego’s Umbrella and those who soon will.”

Some of the best musical discoveries are made by accident. You show up early to a show, mainly just to get a good spot for the headlining act. You don’t expect much from the opener, hoping they keep it short and sweet. Some are better than others, but occasionally you run into a gem that has somehow eluded you along your musical travels…

And in the case of Diego’s Umbrella, that gem was one humongous gypsy-rocking diamond.