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Most artists struggle to master one genre.  Since the late 1960s, Steve Gadd’s been consistently tackling them all.  Gadd is a professional drummer, perhaps one of the world’s most well-renowned players of the instrument.  He’s appeared on albums with Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney Kate Bush and hundreds of other popular and critically-acclaimed artists of various styles and ages.

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An easy play on words to describe NYC rock group The Shake is that the band inspires people to do just that: shake (as in, dance).  Terrible puns that require too much explanation aside, The Shake is a group with a sharp ability at crafting danceable music without sacrificing their harder, rougher rock edge.

This skill is evident on Sweet n Sour: Vol 1, the group’s recently released two-track EP.  Still an independent group, The Shake are in the process of releasing a trilogy of two-song EPs with the Sweet n Sour title in hopes of gaining more exposure and recording a  full-length in 2012 (the band’s last release was in 2009: an eight song LP, entitled The Shake Go Crazy).  The first in the series, aptly named Sweet n Sour: Vol 1, consists of two tracks falling under the 4 min mark, “Débutante” and “Hippo.”