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I thought emotionally-charged heavy music had fallen off the musical map ever since “emo” became a dirty word, but there’s a whole new crop of emotional post-hardcore (yes that is a euphemism for “screamo,” basically) bands that are young and extremely popular.  I found out about Touché Amore, an LA-based hardcore group, a couple of weeks ago.  I bought tickets to their 11/13 show at the Echoplex because I liked their latest album, Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me, so much.  Luckily I bought tickets early, because the show eventually sold out.  Apparently more people than I suspected are still listening to this type of music.  And it’s much better than it was 10 years ago.

Blackout Beach— Fuck Death

So many artists fancily dance around the topic of death, but Carey Mercer bluntly addresses it with the title of his latest album.  Blackout Beach is the side-project of the member of alt-rock band Frog Eyes.

Childish Gambino— Camp

Camp is the highly anticipated forthcoming studio album from the half-comic half-rapper.  Although Childish Gambino rose to fame as actor Donald Glover via a role on Community, he’s proved his serious lyrical talent on his hip-hop releases.

Crystal Stilts— Radiant Door