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by Tyler Hayes

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, is back with his second single of 2012 titled “So Bright”. Pretty Lights, for those unfamiliar, is electronic powerhouse that often dabbles in all sorts of genres, layering them up to create something unique and hard to classify without actually listening to it. On the new single “So Bright” (Listen to it on Earbits), the track starts off with distorted vocals on top of a funky groove. Without warning, but sly enough not to be jarring the track slips into several different styles before it finishes, all held together by a similar beat that it started with.

The new video for Pretty Lights’ “We Must Go On” takes viewers around the world in six trippy minutes.  *Note for full clarification:  The video was uploaded to Vimeo a month before this post, but it was recently introduced to me via a feature on Complex’s website.*  For the video, Derek Vincent Smith (the man behind the Pretty Lights moniker) and Pretty Lights’ “Creative Director” Krystle Blackburn recorded a surplus of images of people and scenic locations during last year’s international tour.  They then mashed those images together with impressive editing skills in order to create a fitting soundtrack for the mid-tempo electronica song.