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It was the late 90’s, and at any given time, on any given road throughout the greater Sacramento area, a green ’89 Ford Probe could be seen exceeding the speed limit and blasting an assortment of tunes out of its open windows.  The songs varied in style, but the volume was consistent: loud as shit.  Always.  It was not rare for the Probe to receive a scoff from the driver of the car next to them, followed by windows rolling up.

Tony Hawk recently announced that his series of classic video games are set to be revamped and released as an HD game next summer.  Activision is working with the skater, as they have since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater debuted in 1999, to create the new game (which draws from elements of the several different games).

While this was exciting news for many, hardcore fans of the games might be disappointed.  Due to licensing issues, the new game is unable to include songs from the classic games.

If you’ve ever been to a Deer Tick show, you probably understand that it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary for the band to keep playing even if powerful fireworks were blasting at them onstage.  While that situation may be unlikely, that’s exactly what happens in the group’s newly released video for “Main Street,” one of the strongest tracks on the band’s excellent fourth album Divine Providence.

Deer Tick delivers a straightforward performance of the song during the clip– except for the fact that fireworks are whizzing and exploding around them.  The blasts seem to be real, as there are some hilarious slow-motion shots of band members dodging the flames (or failing to dodge them).

Next week is going to be huge for album releases.  Here are some of the albums set to be released on Tuesday.

Alice Cooper— Welcome 2 My Nightmare

The king of shock rock is back with a new studio album— loosely described as the follow up to his 1975 album Welcome to My Nightmare (as a Dr. Dre fan, this makes me skeptical as to how long the world actually will have to wait for Detox).  Welcome 2 My Nightmare will include an eclectic mix of additional performers, including Rob Zombie and, perhaps more surprisingly, Ke$ha.  Cooper has recently declared that Lady Gaga is the “female version of [him],” but hopefully he won’t be looking for his sales numbers to match up too closely with the current queen of pop.