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Drake took over the hip-hop charts, Justin Bieber took over the pop charts (and the world), and Canada’s new era of pop culture domination has begun.  If you’re placing bets on the next big artist to emerge from The Great White North, it’d be a smart move to put a few Canadian dollars on Ryan Hemsworth.

Hemsworth hails from Halifax, and he’s a young beatmaker and electronic music producer.  He’s prolific with both his remixes and his original songs, and he possesses a style that seems to be in high demand these days from rappers and other producers alike: chilled-out, slow-motion and spacy beats with glitchy percussion.  He also loans out beats to MCs.

For Libertines fans across the pond and away from the British music tabloids, its tough to keep up with Pete Doherty.  His situation always seems to be changing.  He’s on drugs.  He’s off drugs.  He’s a painter now.  He paints with his own blood.  He’s fighting with Carl Barat.  He’s not fighting with Carl Barat.  He’s recording a new solo album.

As far as I know, at least that last one’s true.

Blu is almost singlehandedly proof that Los Angeles has one of the best and most unique hip-hop scenes in the country right now.  He’s one of this generation’s rare enigmatic MCs— the type of guy that’s not constantly updating fans on his personal (or even professional) life.  He dropped his debut album Below The Heavens, with exclusive production from Southern California’s Exile, in 2007.  Since then he’s been consistently releasing experimental tracks and albums (despite the rapper’s somewhat mysterious qualities, he’s quite prolific).