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Well, Happy Anniversary, Earbits.  You’re lookin’ good, kid.

A year ago today we launched the real Earbits website; before that it was just a blog.  Everyone said we wouldn’t be able to get content without an audience, and vice versa.  But a year ago today we entered the scene with 8 sexy channels of music – no hip hop, no electronic, no pop, no metal, and no audience.  8 little channels, and an announcement to friends and family.

Funky Like an Old Batch of Collard Greens

Several weeks ago we received an artist submission from a band called Elephant Parallax.  I don’t have anything to do with the approval process and I don’t typically check out every submission we get, but this one mentioned that they heard about us through a really good friend of mine, so I took a listen.

** If you’d like to continue reading with no idea of what they sound like, you’re welcome to,
or you can read while you listen to their song, Aglow from the Chasm. **