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Just when it appeared as if the typical holiday lag in music releases was going to extend indefinitely into 2012, Raekwon came through to wish everyone a Happy Wu Year.  The rapper released a new mixtape entitled Unexpected Victory (quite unexpectedly, I might add) early Sunday morning as the calendar changed.  The album, which features beats by producers with crossover appeal such as 9th Wonder, Scram Jones and Statik Selektah, as well as guest verses from MCs like Busta Rhymes, Styles P, and Fred Da Godson, is available via Dat Piff. According to The Smoking Section, this is Raekwon’s first official free release in his entire career.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people dismiss Lil’ Wayne as a “dumb rapper.”  Although his songs may not all be socially conscious (some are), introspective (some are), or emotional (again, some are), almost all of them are intelligent.  Not necessarily intelligent in a book-smart sense, but intelligent nonetheless.

If you truly listen to some Weezy songs a few times through, you’ll start to hear the near mastery of language he possesses.  Many of his references, puns and displays of wordplay are subtle yet incredibly witty.  I’m not necessarily claiming Weezy to be a poetic genius, but he’s definitely not a “dumb rapper.”  Listen closely to the lyrics on mixtapes like Da Drought 3 if you’re still skeptical.

The internet has been flooded with coverage of the Osama bin Laden assassination for the past 24 hours or so.  Judging by the fact that you’re online right now and reading this article, you know this to be true.

And, as much news is relayed during this modern age, the Osama bin Laden story revolved around Twitter.  The story reached the public through the tweets of an innocent, curious Abbottabad citizen that heard helicopters in his neighborhood and decided to write about that unusual occurrence in 140 characters or less.  Despite the seemingly mysterious “Special Announcement” that media outlets promised President Obama to deliver during a delayed speech, the world already knew the news through tweets from various officials.