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Anyone who knows me, and by that I mean sees my rants on HackerNews or checks out my occasional highly opinionated blog posts, knows that I try where I can to stand up for the recording industry and copyright protections.  My thoughts on it are fairly straight forward.  If you want content that the creator releases only for sale, you should pay for it, or you are not entitled to a copy.  If they want to charge too much and make fewer sales, it is their right.  Your right is to not buy it.  It is no one’s right to decide that their price is too high, or that their delivery system is too inconvenient, but that they want their own illegal copy anyway.  Anyone who disagrees, frankly, can go fuck themselves.

I’ll just skip to the chase. I think Spotify is a disaster for the music industry and here’s why.

Search for “spotify piracy” on Google and you will see that they have done a fantastic job painting a rosy picture as being an alternative to piracy.  Truth is, they probably are.  The restrictions on the free version are bearable enough for anybody who prefers not to break the law to put up with, and $5 a month for no ads pretty much means you can listen to whatever you want without breaking the law and without advertisements.  Alternative to piracy?  For most users, I believe it.