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Since the inception of Earbits, our goal was always to not only build an awesome online radio experience, but to build a service that helps high quality artists develop their career.  We are working hard to create new opportunities for the artists we work with.  From licensing opportunities for TV, film, and commercials, to booking live shows, and now we are pleased to announce our new initiative with Spectra Records in their search for new talent.


How Does It Work?

We write about a lot of things here – particularly music, the music business, and early stage business in general.  It’s nice when those things come together because I think we’re in a particularly unique position to look at them through a different lens.

One and a half years into Earbits, we have now pitched a modest but reasonable number of VCs, and over a thousand record labels.  We read about and hear people talk about both all of the time because its important for us to have our ear to the ground about the industry of music and the climate of fundraising.  We’ve also had the chance to hear feedback from both about how they think our business ought to work (or how it won’t), as well as how they think about what they bring to the table.