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I usually give a song 45 seconds to a minute. If it doesn’t hit me, I hit next. If it does, I click to see what else I can listen to. In Greenleaf’s case, their song “Jack Staff” hit me instantaneously and didn’t let go. As I clicked on their release, Nest of Vipers, I could tell after three tracks that I needed to listen to the whole album. I don’t know about you but something I simply can’t resist is the blend of bad ass with catchy. It’s like if you got to be the popular kid and the Breakfast Club bad ass at the same time. Greenleaf is that blend. Indie rock in bed with hard rock ; dirty grunge mixed with sharp punkish attitude ; infectious melodies on top of crunchy guitars and creatively catchy riffs. Tastefully distorted bass that’s anything but stuck-up sounding. Straight ahead vocals that weave over and under the mixes from song to song.

by Charles Rojas | Metal/Hard Rock Manager, Earbits.com

Nowadays, you’ll find most Hard Rock bands trying to outdo one another by playing the same guitar riffs louder than each other. It’s an endless sea of Rock n Roll cliches and a lack of originality. Amazingly, Los Angeles natives Rooftop Revolutionaries have managed to rise above the noise and pose a unique brand of sound. 2013 is seeing the release of their new album, Resolute.

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Here’s a list of some of the best concerts happening around the Los Angeles area this weekend.

Featured Show of the Weekend:

  • Rooftop Revolutionaries @Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.  7:00pm.  Listen>>

Politically-charged group Rooftop Revolutionaries will be bringing their hard-hitting music and equally-as-hard-hitting messages to the Troubadour on Sunday night.  The “Countdown To Election” show is being thrown by Rock The Vote, an organization that preaches political activism just like Rooftop Revolutionaries.  The concert is only $13, and it’s an all ages event.

Thursday, 11/3:

  • Awolnation and Middle Class Rut @Music Box Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.  7:00pm.  Listen>>

Election season is rapidly approaching and the political climate is shaky and unstable.  Although the future is always uncertain, the imminent future of American politics is significantly less predictable than it has been in recent years.  New political parties have emerged, protests have increased and the leadership of the nation could potentially change in a drastic manner.

In anticipation for the upcoming elections, Rock The Vote is hosting an all-ages concert at the Troubadour this Sunday, 11/6.  The show, dubbed “Countdown To Election Day,” will feature politically-charged local group Rooftop Revolutionaries.

One of our most politically charged and, more importantly, politically active bands is Los Angeles’s own Rooftop Revolutionaries.  If you asked Eleanor, their passionate and highly educated front woman, I imagine she would say it’s not enough to just “remember 9/11”.  They believe in taking action and they do so with this powerful and inspiring performance and video of Amazing Grace, to not just remember, but help others remember and commemorate the day as well.

Rooftop Revolutionaries will be putting on an event of their own on November 4th at El Cid in Silverlake.  Please make sure to connect with them on Facebook to get more information.