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The lineup for Hard Summer 2013, the two-day annual event which closes the summer in Downtown Los Angeles’s too-dusty State Historic Park, has been announced.  Hard Summer usually features an eclectic mix of DJs and rappers, as opposed to the more house-oriented events like Hard Haunted Mansion (or Hard Day of the Dead, as it was called last year).

With the rise in popularity of various genres of popular music , it’s a surprise nobody’s made a narrative video game that places just as much emphasis on the music as it does gameplay.  With movies, it’s sorta been done (the newest Tron, Drive, etc.).  And with games, music has certainly had a huge impact.  Half the songs I hear on the radio are actually just “Fifa” or “2k” songs in my mind (shout out to executive producer Jay-Z for the latter’s soundtrack), and even the tune from Yoshi’s Story is still fresh in my mind.

Drake took over the hip-hop charts, Justin Bieber took over the pop charts (and the world), and Canada’s new era of pop culture domination has begun.  If you’re placing bets on the next big artist to emerge from The Great White North, it’d be a smart move to put a few Canadian dollars on Ryan Hemsworth.

Hemsworth hails from Halifax, and he’s a young beatmaker and electronic music producer.  He’s prolific with both his remixes and his original songs, and he possesses a style that seems to be in high demand these days from rappers and other producers alike: chilled-out, slow-motion and spacy beats with glitchy percussion.  He also loans out beats to MCs.