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Yesterday Facebook announced their long-anticipated Facebook Music platform, which is part of their greater move toward incorporating your app activity into your Facebook experience, and your Timeline – their newest overview of a person’s life from beginning to…well…end.

It seems they’re still rolling things out but most people should have access to one or two great music services from within the Facebook Music App Page, and the cool Facebook integration that comes with it.  To help make things easier, we’ve got a tutorial for you.

What is Facebook Music?

We have perhaps our biggest company news yet.

Today, Facebook announced the launch of their much anticipated Music platform, and we’re excited and proud to announce that Earbits is one of the few companies that Facebook has teamed up with to make music more social.

Now, songs our users listen to on Earbits will be published to Facebook in a seamless, beautiful and digestible format.  Friends will be able to see what each other have listened to, what channel it was in, who the song is by and more.  And when something looks interesting, they can easily click on that artist or song and listen to it right away.  It’s going to make it that much easier for Earbits listeners to enjoy music together with friends, and spread the word about the music they discover using the largest social platform in the world.

Somehow I knew that title would get you here.

I was going  to write a post about the innovative approach our team has taken to helping people share music on Earbits. It’s a great story of product development, an innovative approach (if I do say so myself), and it’s been well received by Facebook and our clients.  Then, as I fired up our site to take some screenshots, sure enough, there was Porn.  I thought, “link-baiting doesn’t get any easier.”