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Well, March was a great month for music.  Here are some of the best albums released this month:

The Men— Open Your Heart

Brooklyn’s inventive punk band made a great album nine months ago and then returned with an incredible follow-up that lacks the kind of bland repetitiveness found in the work of similarly-prolific artists.  Open Your Heart was recorded around the same time as last year’s Leave Home but it sounds fairly different, demonstrating the band’s diverse styles and influences (even the songs within Open Your Heart vary in sound).  Best album of March 2012.

I tend to keep my mouth shut when it comes to electronic dance music, particularly dubstep.  My history with that particular subgenre is somewhat similar to many other people my age:  I heard a song, thought it was one of the coolest and most different sounding things I’ve ever heard, listened to a few other songs that gave me a similar response, listened to more songs until the build-up-then-bass-wobble formula wore thin, and then left the music for people who consider staying out all night and dancing to crazy light-shows a good time.  Not my scene.

Here are some new albums you should check out this Tuesday.

The Alligators— Times Up, You’re Dead

The debut album from a hardcore supergroup that features Roger Miret of Agnostic Front.

Black Breath— Sentenced To Life

Second full-length from the Washington-based metal band.

E-40— The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1 (2, and 3)

Three albums are being released by the prolific Bay Area MC this Tuesday.

Justin Townes Earle— Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now

March 14th is Pi day because, according to Wikipedia, “π (sometimes written pi) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of any Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter.  π is approximately equal to 3.14.”  Since I have no idea what any of that mathematical jargon means, here are some songs that are 3 minutes 14 seconds long for you to enjoy as you celebrate this holiday and eat a slice of Cherry, Apple or Honey pie.

Note:  These were chosen from my computer’s music library, which is quite tiny in comparison to my actual music library at the moment.  But still, there are some good, pi-length songs on here that you should listen to.

The early 2000s were a strange time.  An apocalypse was survived, chads were hanging, and bands with loud guitars were wearing skinny pants and talking about their feelings.  Naturally, New Years Eve was a common topic for those emotionally-charged bands.  Because no holiday leads to more disappointment than NYE.  Hopefully this December 31st turns out better for the following three bands, and for all of us.

Death Cab For Cutie— “The New Year”

So this is the new year / And I don’t feel any different / The clanking of crystal / Explosions off in the distance / So this is the new year / and I have no resolutions / For self-assigned penance / For problems with easy solutions