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In November, we announced that we were going to start helping Spectra Records find talent to sign to their label.  Since Earbits already screens thousands of bands for online radio and has a great reputation for maintaining high quality, Spectra asked us to be responsible for reviewing any bands that are interested in being on their label.  From there, the qualifying bands are asked to do a bit of self promotion and, once they’ve proven they have a minimum amount of hustle, we forward them to Spectra to review.

Since the inception of Earbits, our goal was always to not only build an awesome online radio experience, but to build a service that helps high quality artists develop their career.  We are working hard to create new opportunities for the artists we work with.  From licensing opportunities for TV, film, and commercials, to booking live shows, and now we are pleased to announce our new initiative with Spectra Records in their search for new talent.


How Does It Work?