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Seeing the words “Pusha T Feat. Future— Pain” above the SoundCloud player for Pusha T’s latest song can be slightly confusing as the song begins to play.  Overlook the “Feat. Future” in the title and you get “Pusha T—Pain.”*  The song begins with T-Pain-esque, auto-tune-driven vocals, making it all even more confusing.

But those vocals do belong to Future, the Atlanta-based hip-hop artist that utilized auto-tune so extensively on his major label debut Pluto earlier this year.  Future brings more, well, pain and emotion to his auto-tune singing than T-Pain, making this track much darker than if the other artist were signed on to deliver the hook.

Plenty of albums to choose from in December’s first batch of new releases.

Amy Winehouse— Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album of rarities, demos and b-sides.  Portions of the album sales are set to be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Dia Frampton— Red

I watched a few episodes of NBC’s The Voice and took a particular interest in Dia Frampton, a girl with an intriguing and powerful vocal style.  It wasn’t until I began reading reviews of the singer’s debut solo album, Red, that I realized Dia is one half of rock band Meg & Dia.  Pretty cool.

It’s Labor Day weekend, time to relax and take at least one week off from having a case of the Mondays.  In honor of the federal holiday, I’ve compiled a list of hip-songs about rappers that had jobs.  We all know the famous union and working songs a la Woodie Guthrie, but plenty of MCs have given their two-cents on the 9-5 grind.

Devin The Dude— “What A Job”