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I [email protected]’ Loved This Show  

by Scott Feldman,  Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I fuckin’ loved this show.

I was fortunate enough to catch the first stop on Mastodon’s headlining tour of the US last night at the Wiltern.  This tour is in support of their latest release, The Hunter, which is a 15-song masterpiece out on Reprise and in my opinion the best we’ve heard from them in years.  Mastodon did what was to be expected; played a tight, loud, heavy, unrelenting hour-long set to a packed and enthusiastic crowd.  Aside from watching a band like Mastodon, where it belongs, headlining a great venue, this is one of the most exciting hard rock/metal tours of the year, because of the incredible lineup that supports Mastodon.

I don’t know where my parents went wrong, but somewhere along the line, I learned to love metal.  And, not just any metal -metalcore, mathcore, and hardcore, which are basically three of the most aggressive genres of music ever invented.  People often ask how I can listen to music where the “singer” just screams all the time and you can’t understand what they’re saying, but truth be told, to me, it’s just another instrument layered over an insane drummer and earth-shattering riffs.  However, if you take the time to look up the lyrics, or decipher them if you can, you will usually find that they are intelligent, often political songs addressing some of today’s most pressing issues.