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by Daphne Melvin

The Mars Volta‘s latest album, Noctourniquet, takes a different musical direction than what their fans may be used to.  It’s not as psychedelic, in fact at times it is a lot simpler and cleaner than the electric whirlwind of sound that it usually is, e.g. “Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound.” Of course, every song can be guaranteed to have one essential Mars Volta ingredient: Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s amazing voice.

“Aegis” and “Molochwalker” stays true to their original sound; heavy guitars and chaotic, psychedelic keyboard melodies with a complicated yet rhythmic drum beat.


News swept around the web this week that garage rock revival heroes The White Stripes had finally broken up. Many took the news lightly, shrugging it off as a shameless PR stunt. Those nay-sayers have a point; the band’s last album, Icky Thump, was released in 2007 and their recent announcement is likely to cause a not-so-coincidental surge in the band’s album sales. And it’s not like we won’t be seeing more of Jack White in his several successful side projects.