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Leftover Crack is somewhat of an enigma.  They’re one of the world’s most influential and noteworthy ska/punk bands, yet they’ve only released two full length albums: 2001’s Mediocre Generica and 2004’s Fuck World Trade.  They disband and regroup frequently, sporadically playing shows.  This year, the band is on a short tour of a few locations in California before heading to Germany for another similarly short tour.  An unorthodox form of touring, but you gotta take what you can get when the crust punk crew is coming to town (or nearby).

Titus Andronicus has achieved a level of fame in both the indie and punk world that’s resulted in nation-wide recognizability.  The band is, at this point, a relatively big-name act in the indie scene.

The Bouncing Souls formed in 1987.  Since then, they’ve released eight studio albums.  They have about twelve recorded EPs on top of that.  They’ve been an active and touring band for over twenty years.  They’ve remained an influential and consistently prominent pop punk band throughout most of their existence.

Even though the band (and its fans) are getting old, they’ve still got their creative spirit.  The group is currently in the middle of a unique tour— dubbed “For All The Unheard”— in which the band plays all eight of its albums in 4-night sets at venues in eight different cities.  After a pit stop at Gainsville’s punk festival The Fest, the band will perform in Denver Colorado.  Then, beginning on 11/9, the group will land at The Troubadour in Los Angeles for four days.

“Spin Doctors” is a phrase essentially synonymous with “Two Princes,” the 90s band’s contribution to that era’s alternative rock output.  Spin Doctors are, however, much deeper than other one hit wonder groups with tracks on compilations like Buzz Ballads.  The group has five studio albums, spanning from their most recognizable album, the 1991 debut Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, to their most recent, 2005’s Nice Talking To Me.  The group remains active, as it has since its formation in 1988.

  Jeff Mangum, indie rock’s most enigmatic figure, will return to the stage to perform full solo sets this fall.  Today, the singer announced five extra performance dates and locations.  The tour will now begin on August 8th in Burlington, VT.

  This brief tour is remarkable not just because Mangum released one of the best indie rock albums of the 1990s, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, but because he basically disappeared soon after that.  Since the 1998 release of that now classic album, his second with the band Neutral Milk Hotel, Mangum has reemerged only occasionally to contribute to various projects.  His live appearances have been incredibly rare, and he’s generally been regarded as a recluse.