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I love my job. Not many people can say that. Why do I love it, you ask? I do nothing but listen to Earbits all day, which provides me some serious time to peruse the up and coming music that we are constantly adding. From Metal to Jazz, and everything in between, I am ever-impressed by the catalog that our music department is building. Frankly, it’s getting ridiculous.

What does this mean to you?

Earlier this year, I saw the newest crowdfunding platform, CrowdTilt, pitch at YC Alumni Demo Day.  Their unique angle was that they help you raise money among friends or groups for anything.  Want to rent a row of cabins for snowboarding?  Setup a page, see if you hit the goal among your friends.  If you don’t, nobody pays.  They don’t have the “project” or product restrictions that Kickstarter has, and that was cool to me.

I remember thinking that I wanted to use CrowdTilt to put on some no-risk events, like a booze cruise or weekend in Vegas with my friends.  But alas, inspiration never hit me, until…

In the nearly two years since we launched Earbits, we have been accepted to the world’s most prestigious startup accelerator, forged partnerships with over 200 record labels, received a surprise investment of $150k from two people who had never met us, and were one of Facebook’s first music launch partners.  And yet, today may be my favorite day in Earbits history.

We now have playing legendary New York hardcore band Vision of Disorder.

My Personal Vision of Disorder Back Story