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The Earbits crew recently got the chance to witness a little bit of Sunset Strip history – last weekend, rock legend Alice Cooper returned to perform at The Whisky a Go Go for the first time since 1969, and our own Roshmond “Sum” Patten was lucky enough to attend. Check out his account of the night-to-remember.
Alice Cooper, Live at The Whisky a Go Go, 9/15/2011  | Photo Courtesy of Celina Denkins

Alice Cooper hadn’t been to The Whisky A Go Go since 1969, when he was a self-proclaimed Doors fanboy opening up for Led Zepplin. Needless to say, when word spread that he was returning to celebrate the release of Welcome 2 My Nightmare, it inspired all sorts of craggy rock fans to blow the dust and cobwebs from their bandanas and black nail polish bottles to come see Ol’ Black Eyes himself. I personally witnessed those tickets sell out within mere minutes of going on sale, and had given up all hope of checking this show out. But as the luck of the dragon had it, a fateful invite from The Whisky’s soon-to-be legendary booking manager (and Earbits artist Kathryn Gallagher manager) Celina Denkins roped me in.

Scott Feldman had a chance to sit down recently and talk shop with the beautiful and talented Kathryn Gallagher. Moving from New York City to Los Angeles in her early teens, she began singing and writing songs; a cold-call to the Whisky a Go Go at age 15 eventually led to her being named “Featured Artist of the Month” by the Whisky in December, ’09. Still going strong, Kathryn is just starting her journey… Let’s hear about it!

An Exclusive Interview with Kathryn Gallagher (listen to the audio here)

The Sunset Strip is synonymous with the sort of debauchery practiced by hair metal bands and fans alike throughout the 80s.  Although that wild spirit has significantly diminished on the street throughout the years, most of the iconic Sunset Strip clubs are still around and prominent today.  As a way to honor the Strip’s history and further its sense of community, six of the street’s famous music venues team up each year for the Sunset Strip Music Festival.