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Joey Flores on YC Rehearsal Day (photo by Garry Tan)

There is a fine line between being open and honest in your willingness to publish stories about startup life, and saying things that burn bridges or aren’t good for your company’s image. I have admired founders who aren’t afraid to share battle stories while they’re still at war, so I’d like to be one of them. Hopefully I’m not shooting myself in the foot.


Here are 8 startup lessons I’ve learned from things I’ve fucked up over the past 2.5 years.

1. Fundraising incorrectly or at the wrong time

Earlier this year, I saw the newest crowdfunding platform, CrowdTilt, pitch at YC Alumni Demo Day.  Their unique angle was that they help you raise money among friends or groups for anything.  Want to rent a row of cabins for snowboarding?  Setup a page, see if you hit the goal among your friends.  If you don’t, nobody pays.  They don’t have the “project” or product restrictions that Kickstarter has, and that was cool to me.

I remember thinking that I wanted to use CrowdTilt to put on some no-risk events, like a booze cruise or weekend in Vegas with my friends.  But alas, inspiration never hit me, until…

Big shout out to Robert Scoble for the opportunity to chat on Building43 about what Earbits is bringing to the music industry. Check out the video and be sure to follow @Scobleizer on Twitter.


So Much Noise

The 18th and 19th centuries are remembered for the industrial revolution.  The 20th and 21st centuries may be remembered for the information revolution.  There is an abundance of content around us.  Never before have humans had such easy access to as much information as they do today.  An ocean of content, just a click away.  It is so easy to produce and distribute content these days that it seems like everyone is a blogger (including myself of course), a filmmaker, a music producer, a reporter, you get the drill.  However, not all the content we produce is good.  In fact, most of it is very poor in quality, and there is a tremendous amount of noise around us.