For far too long, Los Angeles-based punk band The Bronx has been masquerading around the globe as a mariachi band.  Well, maybe masquerading is the wrong choice of word.  The group truly embraced the mariachi genre, releasing two worthwhile albums under the name Mariachi El Bronx and performing in traditional mariachi garb.  And my use of the phrase “for far too long” isn’t to suggest that Mariachi El Bronx wasn’t good.  They were, in the strange way that a punk band that suddenly starts playing mariachi music can be good.  But it’s been too long since the group has released hardcore music under their original moniker.

Their latest album, scheduled to arrive via ATO Records on February 5th, will remedy that lack of original Bronx-ness.  Like it’s three previous LPs, it’s self-titled.  Fans and critics can more easily refer to the album as The Bronx (IV).  There’s also a calligraphic symbol etched onto the album cover (which also features a cartoonish drawing of a tiger) that a speculative Google search revealed might mean “four” in Chinese.  But I have no clue.  I’ll leave that to someone of higher linguistic abilities and intelligence to decipher.  But the cover does look cool, if that makes a difference.

The album is currently available for streaming in its entirety.  Rest assured that there are no maracas or horns on the album.  Just a plethora of riffs and screamed choruses.  It’s been roughly four years since a new Bronx album was released, and this disc should prove a triumphant return for the band.  Check it out via Rolling Stone.

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