Justice was one of the first electronic groups that I truly got into. I missed out on the whole 90s rave era, really only listening to a few of Moby’s popular hits. Otherwise, the scene has never really appealed to me. Extended and drug-fueled dancing, flashing lights, strobes, DJs, etc. None of that has ever been too appealing.

When Justice’s † album came out in 2007, however, my opinion on the musical aspect of the electronic scene completely changed. The French duo opened my eyes (and ears) to the skill involved with electronic music, and turned me on to older artists that I somehow initially missed out on such as Daft Punk. I’m a big fan of lyrics and many electronic songs lack that nearly essential element, but the musical complexity makes up for it. The way I see it, the electric guitar was once seen as a cheap, easy way of creating music. Just like keyboards and turntables. In reality, both involve skill and musical knowledge and intuition.

Many may consider my introduction to electronic music incredibly late in the history of the genre, but I’ve since seen the style of music exponentially explode in popularity. While the music has been popular overseas in European clubs for years, house and dubstep music has spread throughout the US rapidly throughout the past couple of years (maybe even months). The style has even seeped over into popular music, invading songs by formerly pop-oriented artists such as Britney Spears (there’s a dubstep breakdown in her newer song “Hold It Against Me” that irked many dubstep traditionalists but appealed to the masses). Although it’s been around for a while, there’s no denying that electronic music and DJs are taking over popular music culture. As the electronic scene has rapidly expanded, however, Justice has remained relatively quiet since their 2007 debut.

That’s why it was exciting when, a few days ago, Justice announced that they’d be releasing a new single entitled “Civilization” off their sophomore LP effort, set to be released on April 4th. Today, Pitchfork and Billboard announced that that song has already leaked and is featured in a new Adidas ad, directed by Roman Gavras, the same guy that directed Justice’s intense “Stress” video.

There’s no telling whether the song was actually recorded by Justice, as a mock “new Justice song” was released a while ago much to gullible internet users’ disdain. And that fake song sounded like it could have easily been recorded by the group. However, with a sample including the words “civilization” and a complex beat similar to the duo’s earlier work, it’s highly likely that the ad’s backing track was produced by the group. Although the song definitely sounds like a Justice track, it also sounds like a quieter and more subdued version than the group’s earlier work. I can only hope that Justice returns with some of their signature hard hitting distorted synths and beats when the full length LP finally drops. For now, the snippet of “Civilization” is a good teaser. And the ad is actually pretty good, too.

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