The Five W’s:  Breaking down some of the best bands on Earbits Radio in simplistic terms through journalism’s classic formula.

Who: The Seldon Plan are Michael Nestor, Dave Hirner, Frank Corl, and Chris Ehrich.

What: Intelligent indie rock with literary lyricism.

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

When: No upcoming shows listed.

Why: For a band that took their name from an Isaac Asimov science fiction series, The Seldon Plan make some fun music.  The lyrics used with their refreshing brand of evolved indie rock are intelligent and referential, but the music as well as, usually, the words are still digestible to those that have never even heard of psychohistory.  The group hails from a city known for its hipsters and quirky indie music, but they make seem to make songs that are less alienating than Baltimore’s strangest— without sacrificing their inventiveness.  The Seldon Plan has released four full length studio albums— most recently 2011’s Coalizione del Volere.  If you haven’t heard of ’em, just check ’em out.

Key Tracks: “Fools Gold” off Coalizione del Volere.

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