Hip-hop is still at the forefront of popular culture.  Although EDM may have surpassed the genre in terms of dominance over American youth (maybe), hip-hop’s effect on popular culture is still widespread and profound.  Although it’s still undergoing transformative periods in its ever-evolving history, the genre is increasingly a subject of academic debate.

More and more colleges and universities are working hip-hop classes into the cirricullum.  Bun B has lectured at Rice University in Houston.  It’s impossible to predict the future of academia, of course, but hip-hop seems poised to be studied as prestigiously as, say, jazz— another inherently African-American genre of music that has evolved considerably since its inception— someday.

The goal of linking hip-hop to academia has taken a step closer to becoming a reality with the announcement of the “Nasir Jones Hip-hop Fellowship” at Harvard University.  The Fellowship, announced by the Hiphop Archive and the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard, serves to “fund scholars and artists who demonstrate exceptional productive scholarship and exceptional creative ability in the arts, in connection with hip-hop.”

The whole structure of the fellowship sounds fairly loose, which is good, considering the genre.  Still, it’s exciting.  And it’s cool that Nas has his name attached.  It’s not quite clear how one obtains a Fellowship, but it appears as if you gotta be a Harvard student in the first place.  Can’t hurt to apply.  For more information, check out the hip-hop archive’s press release.

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