Of all the buzzed-out bands from Brooklyn (of which there are many), The Men seem to be one of the most prolific.  They’ve released two enjoyable albums via Sacred Bones Records within the past two years— Leave Home and Open Your Heart.  Both albums contain crunchy punk anthems that push the genre’s boundaries into experimental territory.  While most bands might have taken a break after the critical acclaim surrounding those two albums, the group is already scheduled to release their third album on March 5th, again via Sacred Bones.

The new album is entitled New Moon (no word on whether or not it’s Twilight-related).  The band’s label recently posted what they claim to be an “official video” for one of the new songs from New Moon on their YouTube page.  That title is slightly misrepresentative of the actual video, however, which was recorded live in London at a venue called The Shacklewell Arms (which is an awesome name for a venue, by the way).  Still, the audio quality is listenable and the fury of the crowd makes the song’s energy more palpable.

The song is called “Electric,” and it’s similar to the style we’ve seen from the band before.  But it’s also an indication that New Moon should be yet another awesome release from these guys.  I mean Men.  Check out the video below.

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