The wait is over! The Earbits iPhone app is available now!

If you haven’t heard the news, the Earbits iPhone app is awesome. It will analyze the music from your phone and recommend channels you’ll like from over 400 genre-based selections. Then, we intelligently blend your own music into those channels. The result is awesome music discovery with your favorite tracks mixed in.

Of course, just like the Earbits you are used to, we have no commercials, no subscription fees, and no strings attached. We help you discover new music that you may not find on other platforms, and make it easy to connect with the artist – just touch the G button, and you can instantly join a mailing list, follow on Twitter, and more.

You will also earn Groovies for supporting the bands that you discover. Groovies are a fun and easy way for our users to earn credits for supporting artists. Whether you’re spreading the word about an artist through social sharing, or checking into a live show (coming soon!), if you’re supporting the artists, you’re earning Groovies. Then, you use Groovies to access unlimited on-demand music and other rewards. Simple as that.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download the Earbits iPhone app for free, and start discovering new music on the go!

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