Somehow I missed the internet’s announcement of the new track from The Vaccines, the British band that attracted so much buzz following the release of their debut album, last year’s What Did You Expect From The Vaccines.  That album was filled with several catchy songs (I would name some here but, honestly, almost all of them are fairly catchy), and the album was great.  It made the band one of UK’s most-hyped, following the likes of similarly-hyped Arctic Monkeys (and the rest of the British bands that followed the Arctic Monkeys and were hyped in a similar manner).

Now, with the release of new material, The Vaccines seem to be continuing further down the now almost-archetypal Arctic Monkeys path.  In the comments section of the NME article announcing the new song, former fans of the band are overwhelmingly negative.  They dismiss the group as getting worse and claim that they’re disappointed in the band.

Only about one commenter logically chimed in— “so predictable people would slag them off whatever they did next! clean your ears out and enjoy it..” (credit to Simon Rupert Martin, whoever you are… you’ve got a great point).  “No Hope” doesn’t stray too far from the material found on What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, and it features interesting lyricism about singer Justin Young’s inability to grow up and figure out his life.  It’s a good song.  Maybe not one of the band’s best, but definitely not a reason to forget about them completely.  Their follow-up album should provide more insight as to the group’s new direction, but for now the haters should listen to Martin’s wise advice.

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