by Daphne Melvin

Color Theory is an electronic indie piano pop band comprised of one member: Brian Hazard, from Huntington Beach, California. The Sound is his eighth album, which came out in August 2010. Color Theory’s sound has been likened to The Postal Service, Owl City, and Depeche Mode. In all reality, it sounds like a grown up version of Owl City, and, at times, reminiscent of Mae. I think what I like most about Color Theory is the melody and the layers of electronic harmony built on top of each other. Also, a lot of times electronic bands usually stick to the keyboard instead of the piano, but Hazard incorporates both and it’s a wonderfully pleasant mix.

In “It Must Be Halloween,” I love the playful poppiness of the keyboards and I love it even more when the keyboards interweave with the smooth melody of the piano. However, the repetition of the childlike lyrics distract from the musical magic going on in the background. For me, it would work better as an instrumental. But it’s still a good song.

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“Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale”, on the other hand, is the best song on the album. It’s a beautiful blend of 80’s electronica and experimental indie. I love that Hazard separates his vocal lines from the main keyboard melodies; while he sings there is minimal accompaniment in the background, then when the chorus comes in you can hear all of the melody come together. Doing this keeps the instrumentals placed in the forefront while Hazard’s voice acts as accent. Near the end the song, this piano solo comes in that is completely unexpected yet incredibly beautiful. It completely disrupts the song, but it somehow fits in like a missing puzzle piece. The song itself is a perfect utilization of Hazard’s talents, creating a musical work of art.
All in all, a pretty good CD. I don’t listen to the radio anymore, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I turned it on and heard Color Theory playing. You can buy their album here.

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