Gone are the days when A&R suits would rummage around Seattle clubs, searching desperately for the next Nirvana, the next music scene, the next anything.  Yet it’s almost impossible to talk about bands from that city without mentioning its historic musical past.  And if corporate executives were to travel to any city to exploit its unique, independent scene, they’d be bound to strike gold somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

The main difference this time around seems to be that artists from Seattle’s local scene are doing things themselves.  Take Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, for instance, the hip/hop duo that reached #1 on the charts by self-releasing their own album, which featured several other artists from various genres within the Seattle scene.

A band from the opposite end of the musical spectrum as the aforementioned Macklemore has been making noise in Seattle recently.  A lot of noise.  That band is called The Wimps, a punk rock trio that’s returning the genre to it’s fast, scrappy roots.  They play as sloppily as their recordings are lo-fi, capturing a pure punk energy not often heard in this modern age.  Songs like “Things Could Be Worse” include distorted riffage and scrappy vocals from the female/male dual singers.

The Wimps’ debut album Repeat was released in January and it’s available for purchase via the End Of Times Records website.  It’s good.  Listen to one of the songs from the album, “Nap,” below.

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