One of the year’s most surprising indie success stories was Nashville’s two-piece outfit JEFF the Brotherhood, a punk/garage rock band consisting of former members of formerly promising indie group Be Your Own Pet.  Although the duo has already released seven LPs throughout their ten year career, they’ve only recently exploded with exponential popularity.  The group’s latest album entitled We Are The Champions was released this year through Infinity Cat Recordings/Warner Bros. Records, and songs from that album have seen regular airtime on prominent radio stations such as Sirius/XM’s XMU.  The group also made music headlines recently, as they provided the backing track for the much-blogged-about unusual collaboration between Jack White and Insane Clown Posse.

While JEFF the Brotherhood is their city’s latest success story, they’re also a part of a strong emerging Nashville punk scene.  Although Nashville is typically known as the home of country and rockabilly artists (as well as the new home of garage rock king Jack White, of course), the city currently has a thriving independent punk scene.

One of that scene’s associated acts is Diarrhea Planet, a band whose name evokes not-so-pleasant imagery.  Diarrhea Planet are labelmates with JEFF the Brotherhood on the aforementioned Infinity Cat Records, a local Tennessean label that was recently voted one of the “50 Best Indie Labels in America” by Billboard.

While the group’s name might make them sound like a forgettable punk band focused simply on shock value (as many similarly-titled bands are), that’s far from the truth.  The group is focused on the sort of carefree fun and humor evoked by their slightly provocative title.  They have raucous, enjoyable live shows, and their music lives up to that excitement.

The group’s debut album is entitled Loose Jewels, and it’s currently available for pre-order through Infinity Cat’s website.  The album will officially be released on September 20th.  I’ve already placed my order.

Check out the album’s first single— entitled “Warm Ridin’”— below.


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