If you’ve ever been to a Deer Tick show, you probably understand that it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary for the band to keep playing even if powerful fireworks were blasting at them onstage.  While that situation may be unlikely, that’s exactly what happens in the group’s newly released video for “Main Street,” one of the strongest tracks on the band’s excellent fourth album Divine Providence.

Deer Tick delivers a straightforward performance of the song during the clip– except for the fact that fireworks are whizzing and exploding around them.  The blasts seem to be real, as there are some hilarious slow-motion shots of band members dodging the flames (or failing to dodge them).

Antics like these make Deer Tick great entertainers, and it’s good to see the group incorporating the raucous elements of their live performances into a music video.  As the fireworks in the clip intensify, the group continues with their lowbrow tomfoolery, smashing their instruments and knocking down the letters “E,” E,” “R,” and “T” of a huge sign that bears their name (leaving, for those who didn’t catch the joke, the other letters standing to spell a somewhat vulgar word (I mention its vulgarity because, in the clip from MTV included below, the “D” is often blurred out).

There’s also a shot of one of the members spray-painting “This Video Sucks” on the stage’s cardboard backdrop.  In the same way that fans ironically yell “Primus Sucks!” at the Les Claypool-led alt-rock band of that name, I’d totally agree with the spray-painted message.  Check out the video below.


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