Jeff Rosenstock doesn’t know how to move on.  Despite announcing that his band, Bomb The Music Industry!, were set to breakup after a final tour (well, he never outright said that that was the case, but at least a hiatus was implied), the singer mentioned at his LA show that the band would probably be back at some point.  It’s tough to blame Jeff— he’s got one of the coolest jobs in the world and a dedicated fan base that supports his work.  Why give that up?

Although Bomb The Music Industry! has yet to release any new material since that announcement, Rosenstock has released a free collection of his home recordings from the past couple of years under his own name.  The compilation is called I Look Like Shit, and it’s available via Quote Unquote Records with a suggested donation of $5.

One of the songs from the album is entitled “Amen,” and it recently got an accompanying visual clip from director and editor Bryan Schlam.  The song’s anthemic, slow-building nature isn’t too far off from the material found on Bomb The Music Industry!’s latest album Vacation.

A Rosenstock solo album is sorta like James Murphy performing under his government name soon after causing a hoopla about breaking up his LCD Soundsystem project (which was basically his own creation, too).  But there’s no point in complaining about new music from either of those artists.  Check out the video below.

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