Nirvana’s Nevermind was recorded at Sound City, a famous recording studio in Los Angeles.  Dave Grohl is an outspoken fan of analog music.  Thus, the artist’s new documentary, Sound City, is an obvious passion project for the Foo Fighters frontman/former Nirvana drummer (Grohl serves as the film’s director).

The documentary is scheduled to debut at Sundance next month, before it reaches a more widespread audience in theaters.  It focuses on the story of the legendary studio, in which bands as diverse as Johnny Cash and Metallica recorded classic albums.  Several recognizable musicians— Trent Reznor, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, etc.— are interviewed, and they each tell stories about the recording studio.

The official trailer for the film was recently released, and it gives more insight as to what the documentary’s actually about.  It seems as if the film is going to focus heavily on the transformation of the recording process in recent years.  Digital studios made things cheaper and easier— nearly making Sound City’s Neve 8028 analog console obsolete.  Yet artists like Grohl and the numerous fans still shopping for vinyl throughout the world prove that there’s a desire for artists to sound more human and real.  Even if you don’t buy into Grohl’s impassioned plea for a return to analog recording, the film’s anecdotes about Sound City and the great albums that were made there look certain to result in a great music documentary.  Check out the trailer via Rolling Stone, and another video about Sound City featuring Tom Petty and some others below.


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